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If you have any questions….

If you have any questions regarding how to use the Orderlunches program, please email the Orderlunches customer service support team.

If you have any questions about entrée items, how our program works, or how to get involved in our lunch program, please visit our Gopher Gourmet Tumblr Page.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question on our website, please contact our team. 


Gopher Gourmet is a dynamic, continuously evolving program that is run by a spirited group of individuals that share a passion for nutrition, education, and the success of our students! We encourage and ask for your feedback, questions, and ideas on how to continue to build upon the success of Gopher Gourmet! Please do not hesitate to contact our kitchen manager, Erin or our parent chair, Lisa Karp.

Gopher Gourmet

Welcome to Glorietta’s lunch program, Gopher Gourmet!

Gopher Gourmet provides healthy, delicious, and low-cost food choices for our students and teachers five days a week! While providing each bright, young mind with the best lunch possible, Gopher Gourmet also aims to educate Glorietta students about nutrition, utilize produce from the Glorietta garden, raise awareness of proper portioning to minimize food waste, support local businesses, and get kids excited about healthy, fresh food! Furthermore, all of the profits that Gopher Gourmet generates go straight to the GPC to fund and support growth in the Glorietta Community. 

The 2016-2017 lunch program is run by our kitchen manager and a dedicated team of parent volunteers:

       Kitchen Manager: Erin Chapman

       Parent Chair: Lisa Karp

       Email Notifications: Aileen Burgoyne

       Reporting and System Maintenance: Martine Neijadlik

Gopher Gourmet Registration Information and Procedures

Important Dates for Session 3 Registration

Session 3 ordering will OPEN Sunday, March 12th and CLOSE on Sunday, March 19th

Change week will begin Friday, April 14th and end Friday, April 21st

No late order requests will be granted.

Session 3 service will span from April 10th- June 7th.

Please note, Spring Break is from April 1-9 so Session 3 will begin the day after break.

Please note that the operations in the kitchen will not change for session 3.  That means that despite the flexibility offered by the Orderlunches system to order different lunches each week we will NOT be able to serve in this manner.  Thus, you MUST order the same meal each week.  The best way to do this is to select your chosen meal and then click the yellow star button next to each selection; this will mark the meal as a favorite and will order the meal each week from that point forward.

Please choose your student’s lunch carefully and utilize our change week sparingly. Our new system will offer an Orderlunches credit for future orders if you make cancelations during change week.  But, as in the past we are unable to issue refunds for cancelations or changes.

Prior to logging onto the Orderlunches website

  1. Please begin your registration process by visiting our Gopher Gourmet Tumblr Page.  Here you will find our Session 3 menu, detailed entree information with photos, an overview of how our program works, and a thorough FAQ section.
  2. Locate your family’s log-in information. Each family will receive log-in information at via email, no later than Sunday, November 6. Email us if you are unable to locate your log-in information.

Log onto the Orderlunches website

  1. Use your username and assigned password to enter your orderlunches account here. Once logged in you may change the email address where you receive any future Gopher Gourmet communications and/or change your account password by going to your account profile. However, if, however you would like to change your user name you must contact orderlunches support and make this request.
  2. Next, please read and review our “Program Information” area.
  3. Once you have discussed our many lunch options with your student(s) and are ready to place your order, select the “Order” tab and then the “Calendar” tab.
  4. correct studentThe first day of Session 3 is April 10 so begin by selecting the “Order” button on this day and you will be greeted by the page that is pictured below:
    1. As noted on the screen shots below (1) if you have two or more students at Glorietta be sure that you are ordering for the correct student by checking the top right hand corner of the ordering screen.
    2. check box in star columnJust below, you also have the option of “Copying [your] choice to” your other student(s) at Glorietta if they want to have the same meal and combination of add-ons as the first student.
    3. You can also (2) rollover the entrée names to see a picture of each item.
    4. Before advancing to the “Next day” (3) please make sure that you CHECK THE BOX IN THE STAR COLUMN every entrée, drink, and add-on item that you “Select”.  Checking this box is extremely important as it adds the order that you have selected for this Monday to every Monday in Session 3.
  5. Once you have checked the box in the star column for every entrée, drink, and add-on item that you “Select” for your student, click the “Next day” button to make your selections for the rest of the week.

  6. When you have made all our your selections for all of the students that you have at Glorietta, there are two ways to view your orders and review your selections (see below):
    1. Under the “Order” tab, there is a “Calendar” tab where you are able to view your menu selections on a monthly calendar. Be sure to advance through March 31 to be sure that the order you selected for the week of April 10 has been copied throughout Session 2.

      1. If this is NOT the case and you are seeing orders only the week of April 10 please re-visit and review step 4d above.

    2. The second way to review your order is to view the “Items in your cart!”. Here you should a line item for each day that you  ordered your student something from the Gopher Gourmet lunch program for each week of Session 2.

      1. If this is NOT the case and you are seeing orders only the week of April 10 please re-visit and review step 4d above.

    3. It is extremely important that if you’d like to make any changes to your orders you select the item you wish to change in the calendar for the week of April 10!  When you change an order and re-select the STAR button only orders from that point forward will be updated.

  7. Once you have finalized your order please view the “Items in your cart!” and then select the “Pay now with card option at the bottom of the screen.

select profile
items in your cart

Gopher Gourmet Volunteer Opportunities 

Gopher Gourmet depends heavily on parent volunteers to sustain and improve our program. Our volunteer positions provide a fun opportunity to see your kids at lunch, meet new members of the Glorietta community, and give back to the school! No food handling experience needed. We are actively seeking volunteers to fill a variety of positions:

  • Kitchen Volunteers work in teams of 3 from approximately 11:00-1:30pm. During this time volunteers team up to prep food, serve lunch, hang out with the students, and help clean up after service is over. Each volunteer comes into the kitchen between 4 and 6 times a year, about once every 6 weeks, for approximately 2.5 hours. 
    • If you are interested in working in the kitchen but cannot commit to the 4-6 shifts listed above the Gopher Gourmet team is also looking for parents and family members that are able to “substitute” or fill in for absent volunteers on a as needed basis. If you are interested in being put on a substitute list, you will be contacted when the regularly scheduled volunteers are not available. 
  • Produce pick up volunteers pick up food from Whole Foods Lafayette on Wednesday mornings and deliver it to school by 1:30 or pick up bagels from Noah’s Lafayette on Mondays and deliver them to school by 10am. 
  • Laundry volunteers pick up the dirty laundry outside the kitchen on Friday’s, launder it, fold it, and return it to the kitchen by 9am Monday morning.

Please click HERE to sign up now! We can’t wait to see new parents in the kitchen in the coming year!