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Registration Info
Gopher Gourmet

Glorietta’s very own hot lunch program run by our dedicated parent volunteers. Always Fresh, Always 
Nutritious and Always Delicious!


Gopher Gourmet is open five days a week for lunch and provides our students with healthy, nutritious and 
delicious food choices at reasonable prices. All profits from this parent-run, volunteered-staffed operation 
go to the GPC to fund many services that support the ongoing maintenance of our campus, classroom 
supplies and safety of our students, as well as our P.E. programs, classroom assistants and other 
curriculum enhancements.

The 2013-14 Gopher Gourmet Team includes:

            Chairs:                                   Lisa Karp and Amy Campbell Brown

            Email Notifications:              Catherine Carysforth

            Treasurer:                              Amy Campbell Brown

Gopher Gourmet Menu

A typical Gopher Gourmet daily menu includes several choices for pre-ordered hot entrées, including 
options that are vegetarian and gluten-free, a beverage, and the very popular Variety Bar. Our Variety Bar 
is stocked with enough healthy and varied items to create a well-balanced meal, like fresh green salads, an
array of fruits and vegetables, condiments, dairy options, protein sources and whole grain options. 
Students can select either meals including both the hot entrées and the Variety Bar or select the Variety 
Bar alone. 

The variety bar will feature a special hot protein item, such as mini corn dogs, meatballs, fish sticks or 
mini chicken tacos, that will only be available to those students who order "Variety Bar Only". 
Students who order the entrée option will continue to have access to the variety bar but will not receive the 
special hot item of the day.

Click HERE to view the current menu.


Session II Information

Important Dates:

Registration:                        Monday, 1/15 - Wednesday, 1/22

Session II begins:                Monday, 2/3

Change Week:                     Monday, 2/10 – Friday, 2/14

Changes Take Effect:         Monday, 2/18

Click HERE to access the Gopher Gourmet web store.

*No late orders will be accepted and please choose wisely! There will be a change period 
when you can amend or add to your order. However, please note that you may only 
change entrée orders within a particular day and that there are no refunds, credits or 


New for Session II:

•  We will be offering Chinese food from Island Sushi that includes teriyaki chicken and chicken and pork potstickers

Volunteering we cannot run this program without you!

Thank you for volunteering to serve great, healthy food to our children! By volunteering your time, you are 
supporting a lunch program that will provide Glorietta’s students with over 50,000 varied and nutritious 
meals this year. Volunteering also provides the added benefits of getting to know other Glorietta parents 
and seeing your children in a fun, social environment.

How I can help?
Kitchen volunteer:
This person works in a team and is responsible for prepping food for the variety bar, serving lunch to our hungry kids and cleaning up. No food handling experience is necessary! Each shift lasts approximately 3.5 hours, from 10:15am to 1:45pm

Trader Joes: This job includes picking up and paying for our order (groceries) at the customer service booth at Trader Joes in Lafayette and dropping off in the kitchen by 9:00am on Monday. You will be reimbursed for the groceries.

Sushi: On Mondays, this person will pick up and pay for sushi at the Safeway in Orinda at 10:45am and delivery to the kitchen by 11:15am. You will be reimbursed for the sushi. 

Laundry: On Friday afternoon (after 2pm), pick up the dirty laundry outside of the kitchen, launder and return it clean to the kitchen by 9am on Monday.

Bagel Pick Up: This job includes picking up bagels from Noah's in Lafayette and dropping off in the kitchen by 10am on Tuesdays.


Reminder for Volunteers:

When it's your turn to volunteer, please remember to arrive in the kitchen on time ready to work by 10:15am
and plan to stay for the entire shift, until 1:45pm. Not completing a full shift puts an extra burden on your 
team and the rest of the kitchen staff. It also increases our operating expenses because we have to 
pay our kitchen manager to work longer shifts. This means less money for our kids and the GPC.

If you cannot make your shift it is your responsibility to find a sub. You need to ask someone to cover for you or swap your shift with another volunteer. The schedule of volunteers is attached below.

Click HERE to view the 2013-2014 Gopher Gourmet Volunteer Schedule. Please email Amy Campbell Brown
 if you would like to volunteer.



Because Gopher Gourmet is a dynamic and evolving program, we encourage your input and feedback. 
Please call or email Lisa Karp or Amy Campbell Brown with your questions, comments and 
ideas for how to continue to build upon the success of Gopher Gourmet.